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Is a 5400-mile C8 Corvette worth full retail to skip the wait list?

The first-ever production mid-engine Corvettes shipped out to buyers this year, followings delays related to strikes at GM and a production hiatus related COVID-19. Some owners have been exploiting pent-up demand by offering their cars for sale in the $100,000 range. Few C8s have come up for auction, so when this 5400-mile specimen popped up on Cars & Bids at no reserve, it caught our attention.


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Fast depreciation is always a concern. However, my bigger concern is that the C8 is a First Year Car.  At GM, that means the first persons who buy this Vette will be the "testers".  They'll find out all those big and little things that tend to go wrong.  Some will be minor, some will be major and some things will be problems over the life of ownership.  Saw one advertised on-line for $90K with less than 6,000 miles and 9 (CarFax stated) services!  I'll be patient and see what happens.

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