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Hagerty Employee

Is a 5400-mile C8 Corvette worth full retail to skip the wait list?

The first-ever production mid-engine Corvettes shipped out to buyers this year, followings delays related to strikes at GM and a production hiatus related COVID-19. Some owners have been exploiting pent-up demand by offering their cars for sale in the $100,000 range. Few C8s have come up for auction, so when this 5400-mile specimen popped up on Cars & Bids at no reserve, it caught our attention.


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It only is if you want that I’m the first one in my neighborhood that has one that last a week or two. 

I would rather order and get the Museum delivery. 

or just buy a clean 59-60. 


It's always the punks who debadge everything so it probably had the daylights beaten out of it during the crucial break in period. Don't give "Flipper" your money. Do a factory order and have patients. It's always more rewarding in the long run.


Have to say, I like the de-badging look.


In another year these will be available for less than current sticker (used), so you really have to determine whether blowing maybe 15k is worth it given your overall resources and financial picture. For some the answer is yes, for many it’s no.  Seriously though, when the Z06 comes out this particular package will be no big deal.  Great car though.  I’m just old enough to be a bargain guy and have learned to exercise patience


Yeah, too bad the re-seller didn't opt for the upscale package with an actual paint color and a few chrome accents. All black is as boring and uncreative as one can get! It is also an insult to all of the designers that worked hard to make the surfaces, the details, and a pleasing appropriate wheel design, to just disappear because some 15 year old thinks it looks cool on a video game.
I for one would rather have a'63 or a '57. We never see Ferraris around here anyways and if we did, so what?

Advanced Driver

Will be interesting to see what these are worth when they are 10-15 years old and have 90,000 miles on them.   Snarky immature (jealous?) comment- did the owner de-badge it in the hopes that kids and those not in the know would think it was a Ferrari or Lambo?

Community Manager

That would be hilarious if true. 


Given that most new cars depreciate quite a bit as soon as your drive them off the lot, and of course, the first 3-5 yrs., I would pass. Being the cheapskate that I am, I would wait three or four yrs for them to become a little more "old hat" and let someone else pay the depreciation. New cars are a waste of money in most cases. 


For the money, I'd rather be the "original owner".  How much is that worth?  Selling my 2-owner, low mileage high-end C6 was not pleasant.


All the wannabe's will be trading them when it is time for belts.


My initial reaction to the C8 was mixed.  I liked the styling from certain angles, but it looked awkward from others.  After 18 months it hasn't grown on me at all.  If I had the means to purchase one, I'd wait until the first significant styling refresh- and would never want it in a boring shade of grey.

Intermediate Driver

Fast depreciation is always a concern. However, my bigger concern is that the C8 is a First Year Car.  At GM, that means the first persons who buy this Vette will be the "testers".  They'll find out all those big and little things that tend to go wrong.  Some will be minor, some will be major and some things will be problems over the life of ownership.  Saw one advertised on-line for $90K with less than 6,000 miles and 9 (CarFax stated) services!  I'll be patient and see what happens.

New Driver

Darnit...still can't get excited about Corvette.   "Still crazy after all these years", I suppose. There are more curves in the design than a can of worms.   Looks like a committee car...rather than the art it could have been.   (I will now enter witness protection!!!)