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Hagerty Employee

Is $48,000 too much green for Mazda’s brown beauty?

For the price of this 37-year-old brown Mazda, you could be driving a brand-new Toyota Supra . That might seem ridiculous at first glance, but in a few years, there’s a non-zero chance that this car could turn into a steal.


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Community Manager

Brown should be one million times more valuable than resale red. 

New Driver

Ah, brings back memories!  My first and only "brand new" car purchase was an '83 GS RX-7 for the bargained-down price of exactly $10K, plus tax.  The GS was the middle model and offered the most bang for the buck.  Mine was a lot prettier than this one, I didn't care for brown sports cars even then.  Stolen twice, it was never the same and had issues in it's old age, but it was a lot of fun and I drove it to a quarter million miles (not with the original engine) before donating it to a charity. 

Pit Crew

Quote: "1983 was the final year the 12A was offered in the GSL trim (as optioned here),"


Incorrect. The GSL still had the 12A in '84-'85. Only the GSL-SE, which was a trim level above the GSL, had the 13B.

Community Manager

Thank you for the feedback, I am making that change now!

As a little boy me and a couple cousins scrunched/ laid in the back of one of these cruising the town.  I remember thinking it was a cool car.  Now you'd get the cops called on you for packing all those kids in a car like we did.  Heck we used to ride in the back of pickup trucks too!  


Great looks BUT, over time most of these Mazda's had problems.  Lots of problems.  $48K?  If the new "collector" keeps the battery charged, houses it in a climate controlled garage and never drives it - it will be a new "collector's" car in 2045 maybe worth $48K.

Pit Crew

This is more an “apples” to “oranges” comparison, when you compare 100% As It Left The Factory Originals, to any of their own kind in terms of Brand Name / Models.  Most of the buyers for these vehicles, aren’t really Marque Enthusiasts so much as they are “Condition” enthusiasts.

For the Serious Collectors of perfect and/or very near perfect "100% As It Left The Factory Original” examples, you really have to compare the prices paid to “like examples”.  $315K for the Datsun 240Z gives you some idea of how much more desirable to that specific Collector Segment,  a 240Z is than an RX-7. For that matter AIR a 74 Datsun 260Z 2+2 in like condition sold for around $62K (a model most Z Car Enthusiasts do not desire). 
So reach into your records at Hagerty - and do an article comparing the sales of the few "100% As It Left The Factory Original” examples of any marque. Then we would have apples to apples..

A nice example of the early 80’s brown on brown.  Very well built cars for what they were, the first gen Rx-7s will run till they rust away or the wheels falloff. The 79-83 would rust if you neglected them.  They were above average perforated(it’s no Cj Jeep) but would get cancer at the usual areas.  The 84-85 were the best, the rust is only at a few small locations and more over the dash would not crack if left out in the sun. Don’t listen to the internet trolls Rotaries are extremely reliable if maintained.  How hard is it to change oil and coolant?  Fun, cheap and reliable what the first gen Rx-7 was sold as back in the day, a bargain.

New Driver

I still have my 1986 GSL-SE and it still runs! Low mileage, still looks pretty good but I’m not driving it much now. It was my first new car and I am so emotionally attached to it.