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Hagerty Employee

Interview: A Vans Van by Mr. Cartoon

It was December 2012 at The MoonEyes Xmas Party at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California. I was vending at the Rolling Heavy Magazine booth along side the giant gaggle of custom vans at the Van section of the show.

I don't consider myself a "van guy" - meaning I don't think I want to own or drive one - but I certainly have an appreciation for many of them I've seen over the years. I think that they kind of got over-the-top with shaped windows and fluffy interiors and flared wheel openings and such, and that turned me off. But this one is done "just right" IMO. The murals are interesting without being overdone. The rest of the paint is cool (plus I love flames). The stance, wheels and tires give a muscular look. The interior lets you know it's not stock without looking like an 1890's bordello. In short, I dig it!