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Hagerty Employee

In the Pacific Northwest, station wagons are far from forgotten

The mountains and winding roads around Snoqualmie, Washington, are enveloped in dense fog. This is the Pacific Northwest, after all. Lichen hangs from tree branches, and moss covers the ground like a dense carpet. Over one-third of Sasquatch sightings in North America occur in this region.


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New Driver

Ahh, the old 510 station wagon in blue-- Dad had a '72. Used to go camping with 2 brothers, a john boat on top, a dog and enough camping equipment for 2 weeks. Still got almost 32mpg.

Advanced Driver

I've liked Wagons ever since our family's 1st new car, a '57 Plymouth Sport Suburban, and have owned several since. My favorite was a stripper, ex-USAF '63 Savoy I restified as a Max Wedge tribute/clone/what-the-hell-is-that. Those that "got it" shared in its mischievous humor


Went and took my drivers test in a 1954 Plymouth 2 dr wagon stick shift. Back in 1960 in MA if you got your license with an automatic an A was put after your license # and youe only permitted to drive cars with automatic transmissions. Would love to find a 54 PLY> today to restomod.


Intermediate Driver

It would have been nice to see some classic Detroit Iron photos. Dodge, Plymouth, Ford, Chevy, Edsel. Personally, my daily driver is a 1986 Eagle Wagon

Pit Crew

We had wagons while I was growing up. '58 Buick was my fave. So I bought a 2011 Acura TSX Sportwagon. Could probably put it in the back of the Buick, but I love it!

Pit Crew

I have my dad's 88 Country Squire with the infamous "wood" trim. It was his baby and is in great shape. I get plenty of  👍 when driving it.

Advanced Driver

Was so excited when the Buick tour X came out.  Had the local dealer call me when they hit the lot.  Check book in hand.  And then I saw the sticker price!  a mid level at $44k and a top near $50k.  No deals!..... didn't get one.     I wonder how many others were scared off by the lofty sticker price.  And now they are gone.  I wonder why?


Still not to late and I guarantee you that you won"t have to pay anywhere close to sticker price.  I have one and I thought that I would never buy a GM car again. ( yes I do know they are build in Germany) but still GM.  Has been a wonderful car and if you took off the signage nobody would guess it's a Buick.


Cool!  The only wagon in my family was my grandfather's 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca, with 318/TorqueFlite, bought new in December 1960.

New Driver

Wagons.  Love 'em.  I've had six over the last 50 years or so and have enjoyed every one.

Three American and three German.  My current favorite is still in the garage; an

'05 MBZ E 500.  Best road tourer ever.  One I'd like to own again is the '67 Ford Country

Squire with the 390.  What a fun car.  This West coast get together in Washington looks

like fun.  Hmmmmm!

JD in Ohio

Hagerty Employee

Odin the Volvo and I have a new dream destination post-COVID, looks like. 

Pit Crew

That looked like a very cool show.


We are on our second Audi—the first an Avant am now a lowered allroad, which I love every day (5 years in). Our urban hauler is fast (APR ECU flashed), agile on 19 inch wheels with Quattro, and easily goes from Tail of the Dragon to bringing home 23 bags of mulch inside, or hauling our kayaks on the roof and now on a trailer. #AvantLove #LongRoofForever

New Driver

Where is the photo shoot that should have came with this article? Grew up with 5 brothers and sisters. We had 9 passenger wagons. Early 50's Studebaker, 57 Ford   Ranch wagon, and a 63 Pontiac Vista Cruiser. The later with a 330 hipo v8. Pegged that speedo as a 16 year old, more than once!