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Hagerty Employee

In my MGB, Italian tuna always hits the spot

"Italian tuna sounds good," I said to my husband, Jeff, as I shifted up-quite smoothly, I have to say-into fourth. I love driving my 1974 Tundra Green MG on the back roads between our house and Guido's Fresh Marketplace in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Canaan Southfield Road is winding.
Intermediate Driver

Great article and I noticed the snow shovel in the background. After 50 years of marriage my Bride is always up for a brisk drive the the country in one of our Jaguars.

My wife fell in love with a 1963 MGB when it was on the cover of Road and Track, it was Iris Blue I believe with disc wheels.
Well lo and behold her brother found a perfect one just like the magazine cover and it drove perfectly. He simply told her she had to get it now or never discuss the car again. I often joke that it is the only new car we ever bought, I told her to drive it and enjoy it but she is too scared to run it even though it’s an MG born to be enjoyed. I bought a Bugeye Sprite a few years ago that was rough but have driven the wheels off it without even considering ever selling it. I find modern machinery to be too complicated and too expensive. It is hard to explain to Judy that her MG isn’t like that it is just the sort of English magic that wouldn’t stay in production but should be driven and cherished.
Pit Crew

Your comments bring back memories of my wife and I over the last 50 years.
I have had MG's since around 1966 and when my wife and I met she thought that they were silly little cars until the first time she drove one. From then on I could not get her out of it.
Few cars give the pleasure that an MGB gives by simply giving the feeling that you are actually the driver and not just doing what the car tells you that you should be doing.
I regularly drive a Landcruiser 200 Sahara. It has so many bells and whistles and warning lights that I simply ignore them all.
A passenger in the back once asked me what was that green light on the dash was for and I simply told him that I did not know, and did not care, because if it is anything serious it will drop of soon or, still be there when the next service comes around and can be attended to then.

Great article and very nice car! Best of luck with it.
I love your garage too. Now about that whip shop...
New Driver

Great article. From one book industry professional to another, I admire your taste in classic British cars. My 1972 Triumph TR6 is my pride and joy! British racing green, of course!

Beautiful car. The downside of living in MA is the snow (which seems to last 9 months out of the year), but the upside is there are plenty of interesting roads to explore.