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Hagerty Employee

In five years, the Porsche 911 as we know it will seem “unique,” says North American CEO

Last week, we had the chance to speak with Porsche North America CEO Klaus Zellmer about a charity auction for the final 991-generation Porsche 911, a historic-liveried Speedster. During that conversation, he hinted at big changes ahead for the Porsche 911, and he reflected back on the 991 generation with a fascinating perspective about its place in the model lineage.


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New Driver

Nothing will replace the feel, sound and smell of a flat 6 Porsche taking command of the road


Long live the internal combustion engine with it's exhaust note.......

New Driver

This is confusing. I owned two Carrera 991 Porsches, a 2014 and 2015. Neither were turbocharged.  Is the article incorrect or am I? Case in point, my 2019 991.2 Carrera T does have the base 370 hp turbocharged engine.


A hybrid 911?  Might not be so bad, as long as the hybridization goes towards better performance, as in certain supercar hybrids.  An all-electric 911?  Not sure I ever want to see that, even if gas-engine 911's remain available. 


I think that it was at the model-year 2017 "freshening", that most 911's became turbocharged.  Can anyone else confirm or correct that?


Bring on the 100%, no 1/2 measures !


Every Porsche is better than the next!


I own a naturally aspirated 991 2012. Love the feel and control on the engine.  Previously to that had my first 911 as a 996, and what a roar that was too! I think he is correct, the generation will look back and miss the combustible 911. Values and appreciation may take off after full electrification starts. I understand electrification is inevitable across the industry; it's just more efficient and better technology.  BUT it simplifies the automobile so much that it truly takes the "mechanical " feel of it completely.  You're no longer riding on a complex piece of machinery with thousands of parts synchronized to give you the desired output, but rather you're now getting a "golf cart" plug and play automobile.  In the future the appreciation of fast acceleration will no longer be a standard to measure anymore because electric motors will make it much easier to do that. You'll just enjoy a nice "hum" and take more appreciation for precise handling and feel instead.  Just my opinion but I think the 911 will always retain its prestige as the world's best and most practical sports car. 

Pit Crew

I'm afraid Porsche can keep its electric vehicles.  I'll keep with my NA 3.6 993 powered speedster.