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Hagerty Employee

In Conversation with McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt | Hagerty Media

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has spent decades working with cars. Since becoming CEO in July 2013, McLaren has launched its product family of Sports Series, Super Series, Ultimate Series as well as the new McLaren Artura and motorsport products for customer racing. Join us as Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty speaks with Mike about his passion [...]
New Driver

Massive F1 fan here! Saw Chase at Gibbys restaurant, in 2019, during my 24th consecutive Canadian GP and my pre-race dinner.
Purchased my 650S at the end of last summer and I am ENAMORED with it! Sits next to my '97 NSX (Senna mobile)
Got a private showing at Mclaren Chicago of the Artura...beautiful car. My questions is will you be designing a new car, a 650S replacement, with just a traditional gas powered V8 or better yet...........a V10!