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Hagerty Employee

In 1970, this was the Buick you'd really rather have | Hagerty Media

Could 1970 have been Peak GM? That's a somewhat divisive assertion to make, but I happen to think it may be true, despite all the goodness present in the 1965 GM lineup. And 1967, and 1968... I can go on. Everything looked good in '65, from Corvair to Cadillac, but 1970 was also pretty great for fans of the General.
New Driver

White interior was not an option on the 1970 Electra Custom convertible. I agree black is a bad choice however. Interior colors for the convertible were: Black, Red, Burnished Saddle (dark brown) or Sandalwood (beige). Black Cherry was not an original color either. I cannot tell by the photos but maybe this car is the original Burgandy Mist color. The Sandalwood color would be a perfect combination.
New Driver

The top of the line was the Electra Limited, but not available in a convertible. But the brocade cloth interiors in the Electra Limited was jaw droppingly beautiful and the most comfortable with its extra padding.