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Hagerty Employee

IMSA's 5 competition classes, explained | Hagerty Media

Sports car racing can often be overwhelming and confusing for a first-time watcher. In Formula 1, NASCAR, or IndyCar, you can differentiate cars simply by number and livery; in sports car racing, you're usually confronted with multiple classes of cars racing on the same track at the same time. "Who's winning?"
Advanced Driver

Seems like they have to combine disparate classes to make a large enough field. That seems like maybe they are splitting hairs too much. It also makes watching and following a race too hard, given the constant cutting by the cameras. Not that much fun to watch as a single spec series.

Watching racing between these billionaire and millionaire owned cars is much like watching polo. Boring!
Pit Crew

Great article. Thanks for assembling. Its good to have a summary on the classes as they evolve from year to year. My favorite place to watch IMSA is Road America...Thundering speeds and fabulous racing!
Intermediate Driver

Don't see why you need 2 GT classes if your going to neuter the engines and set a single weight. Just give them all the same tire and power and make it a more interesting and easily understood class.