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Hagerty Employee

If you want to buy Packard, ask the man who owns it | Hagerty Media

No, that's not a typo, it's Packard that's for sale, not "a Packard." Did you know that there are holding companies that specialize in reviving what are known as "distressed brands," which is to say, brand names that due to either corporate error or neglect are no longer top-shelf goods?
New Driver

I would purchase the Packard car company if I could find the funding, and I certainly wouldn't screw it up like this guy did.
If you want to revive a distressed brand You Build on The One Year That was the most successful, The most Perfect Body Design, The Most Perfect Engine, What did Packard Finally get right ?
New Cars Today are pieces of Plastic Junk, and Fail after fail.
There is no reason in the world why Packard cannot be sold to every car buyer in the world, all you need is a Team of Honest People, Loyalty, and Imagination.
Different Doesnt Work,
and This Prototype is pathetic.