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'If they said something couldn't be done, Bobby Unser wanted to do it': The man remembered by friends, competitors | Hagerty Media

Most of the obits for racing legend Bobby Unser led with the gaudy statistics, and rightfully so: One Indianapolis 500 victory in each of three decades. Thirty-five Indy car wins and two national championships. A record 10 overall titles at Pikes Peak, earning him the sobriquet "King of the Mountain."

Always enjoyed his commentary: no BS, solid info based on experience, and great short stories.
If I was God, Men like him, Foyt, Gurney and several others would be granted eternal life; but in a sense they have that anyway. Nevertheless, their passing always leaves me gutted, as their like is not likely to return.
Thanks for the brilliant article !
Intermediate Driver

The Great Bobby Unser was "My Guy" in Indycar Racing & for the last 25yrs was my neighbor here in Albuquerque NM. I am 59yrs old now & Bobby has been a Legend ever since he retired after the 81 season, but he was just another Racecar driver when, at the age of 6, I picked him as my guy in 1967 & my God, he certainly made me proud over the years. I had the great pleasure of meeting & talking with Bobby here in Albuquerque, first at the opening of the Sandia speedway here & I've had the pleasure of talking with him many times since, sometimes at the racetrack, other times in local restaurants, hell one time we talked for 20mins in a Walgreens parking lot about my custom El Camino that he saw, liked & just came up & started talking to me about it! He put on no facade, no "look at me, I'm somebody" He was just a really cool "Car Guy" & he loved them, driving them, racing them & just talking about them. So many times in life, people meet their hero's only to be disappointed when they discover their idol is a jerk, but not this time, because "My Guy" Bobby Unser was anything but. Thank you Uncle Bobby for everything, but most of all, for living up to this fan's life long Hero-ship of you, you are truly LEGEND & you will be sorely missed ✝️ RIP Great one 🙏😞