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Hagerty Employee

If any modern crossover has a shot at collectible status, it's the Range Rover Evoque

If there's one constant in this world, it's that hindsight makes fools of us all. Not a year goes past without some big cosmic "I told you so" rendering previous predictions null and void, and the classic car hobby is particularly adept at challenging our assumptions.
Intermediate Driver

This whole piece screams out two things to me:
1) Aren't Evoques awful, regardless of the spec?
2) Is anybody paying top dollar for an Edsel, or a Pacer now?
Advanced Driver

Ground Control to Major Tom: Amen! They are, per our friends at J.D. Power, the singularly most unreliable vehicle available to consumers seduced by those British good looks.
Purely anecdotal, but a friend had a $15,000 transmission problem with his. Then the ghost of Lucas Electricals Past comes into play. Just think, in 20 years, when the expected failure of fatigued materials kicks in, and parts are unavailable. No thanks.
Advanced Driver

They are very unreliable according to the latest Consumer Reports.

Bland lines, bath-soap design profile, indistinguishable from about 12 other marques with the badging removed, donk-sized wheels... and white? Yep, this baby's one of a kind all right. Destined for seven-figure Bring-A-Trailer money for sure.
Intermediate Driver

The scent of a woman commercial for the 2014 Evoque haunts me still.

A black hound finds a scarf and leads the handsome driver of the nimble Evoque through a Spanish village to the beautiful, aristocratic owner of the scarf. The viewer does not know if it is a perfume commercial or an ad for Hermes scarves. Not a word is spoken until the ever so brief announcement at the very end and even then we learn nothing about the vehicle.

Pure, undiluted aspiration.

I think that it is not for us to say what will be collectible, but the next generation. As far as the evouque is concerned I have a little story. My 3 year old granddaughter, who is absolutely aware of cars ( primed and thought by you know who) saw a car in the dealer lot, screamed to her mom, look at that car!!! When I grow up I want it! So that weekend I took a ride by the lot, she described the car perfectly and lo and behold, it was an evouque. So, what do any of us really know.

You don't own a Rover - you have a relationship with one. Our P38 was luxurious and spoiled us but would leave us stranded on the side of the road without notice. I knew her intimately, replaced the ride controls, air bags, heater core, radiator and countless other bits but in the end she proved too expensive and unreliable to continue with. We loved her, but eventually had to say goodbye.

A few years ago our neighbor had one of these, also in white. I really like the way these look, and would have considered buying one if not for their reputation or questionable reliability.

Bit early to predict much on this. 

I feel the larger Tahoe like vehicles will be those collectors go for. Larger, more powerful V8 and easier to get parts for. 

The Evoque is going to be hobbled in America mostly by the expense to repair and the lack of cheap easy parts to restore it. Many vehicles are suffering this today and will only be collectible in low mile form. 

 Large GM  SUV models are cheap and easy to repair or customize. Used parts are everywhere. The V8 can be changed to about what ever you like. 

The Evoque could be the next 412 Ferrari.