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Hagerty Employee

Idaho community is restoring a teen cancer patient’s 1964 Mercury, and you can help

To some it may just be a car, but to Coleman Medcoff it means the world. Which is appropriate, considering that restoring Coleman’s 1964 Mercury Monterey is the central focus of his friends and family in Parma, Idaho. And that circle keeps growing.


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New Driver

This teen is so strong and selfless. This story brought tears to my eyes. Come on Hagerty community, follow me to the GoFundMe page and push this over the top for this young man.

Intermediate Driver

Done!  I can't think of a more worthy cause... I hope he fully recovers and enjoys driving his classic for many years to come! 


My little sister died from a malignant brain tumor 20 years ago so I pray for Cole's remission, full recovery and have many years of enjoyment driving hi Mercury. And I pray for others, especially young people, beating their cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

Pit Crew

As a cancer survivor I can relate to this young man's plight.  I just donated and if you guys can afford thousands to your classic, please donate a few bucks for this lad's dream. I pray that he will beat this and enjoy his ride for many years.

New Driver

Some beautifulness in the face of so much pain. Love the car