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Hagerty Employee

Icon breathes new life into an old farm truck

If you've been paying attention to the vintage SUV scene, you'll recognize the name Icon. The company, located on the western side of Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley, has been building high-end restomod Ford Broncos and Toyota Land Cruisers for more than a decade.

I love this build!  I'm a fan of the late-forties-early-fifties pick-up style, anyway, and the combo of modern under-the-skin with that fat-fendered and weathered body is terrific.  Well Done, Icon!  👍


I think this was what a lot of people had in mind for the Redline Rebuild pickup. Either way, both are nice trucks.

My uncle and I restored/resto-modded a 51 like this back when I was a teenager. We found a 5 window with a good frame but nearly unsalvageable cab (bed was long gone), and located a relatively decent 3 window cab. We salvaged metal off the 5 window where we could, to replace some bad spots in the 3 window cab, so that the finished product was mostly original metal. We kept bondo to a minimum through many hours of slide hammer, hammer, and torch work. We blasted the frame clean and coated with bed liner, did a wooden flatbed in the back, put on our newly green painted cab back on it, and slapped an old Caddy V8 under the hood. It got modern power steering and brakes, but after that we pretty much left as much else alone for running gear and the interior. My uncle is still driving it today, nearly 20 years later, to car shows.

Hmmm...converted to suspended pedals...with FORD pedal pads!
While I appreciate the workmanship, it's not really an old truck unless you have to double-clutch it.

You can still double clutch it ,the syncros will thank you.

Pretty cool build.I did not see a price for this build. Being ICON I am sure it is pricey.
Advanced Driver

I prefer shiny things, but very nice other than the finish. Of course any good shop can build you the same thing,
Intermediate Driver

Has the name "Street Rod" been upgraded to Resto-Mod?
Or is a Street Rod still pre-'48?
Nice build, though.

Great point.  To me, this is definitely a Street Rod.


Vehicles from that era are tricky - I get it, especially when they are not particularly valuable. It is hard to put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into something that won't go over 65 and handles like a brick.

But as soon as I saw that custom frame with the LS sitting on it, these people didn't save anything of historical merit except a couple of fenders and a dash panel. It's sad, but one day soon the only place you are going to see a living, breathing flathead or pretty much anything with an off-brand engine in it is going to be somewhere like Jay Leno's garage

Oh, I dunno.  I think there are plenty of rods being built with flatheads and other "off-brand" power.  I have a good friend who completed this '40 Ford pick-up build about 2 years ago.  With a Buick 401 Nailhead.


My friend Mel's '40 Pickup.jpg

Intermediate Driver

Beautiful! One of the first things I thought when I saw the top photo was, "I hope they didn't ruin it with a modern-style dashboard." That was before I read that it was from the Derelict Builds people, who know to leave good stuff alone and update it with respectful style. Even the shifter looks like the original. I wish I could afford something like that.