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Hagerty Employee

I was scared to drive my Corvair again, and Nader had nothing to do with it

I didn't even need to put my nose close to the gas filler to smell how skanky the fuel in the tank was. The Corvair had been sitting a really long time. Nearly two and a half years.
New Driver

Great article Kyle! As the owner of a newly acquired 1967 Corvair Monza convertible (manual transmission with the 140hp engine), I really appreciate all of the insight and maintenance tips provided by you and the rest of the Corvair community. While mine was in fairly decent shape cosmetically, it needed quite a bit of mechanical work (carb adjustment and synchronization, new wire harness and fuse box under the dash and replacement of pushrod seals, etc.) in order to run properly. Fortunately, it's running like a champ now allowing me to experience the joy of driving such a unique vehicle. I have no plans to it away this winter, rather I will continue to drive it as much as possible... unless of course it rains!
Intermediate Driver

Great, great story Kyle & for the positive remarks from the community. From the other negative remarks, go find another site to do your gripping!

Corvair had it right. Even the new rear engine Corvettes have gone back to the Corvair design.

After reading all these commenters posts, I see that many have Corvairs. If you aren't yet a member of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), you should consider joining. Also, there lots of local chapter clubs all over the country. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, and some of the best people you'll ever meet!
Intermediate Driver

Interesting that many folks have completed classic restorations only to be disappointed at the gap between what the cars are currently and what they are remembered as being. I experienced this with the 7-year restoration of my 1966 Corvette that I completed in 1991. When it was all done, it drove like a 1966 Corvette, which seemed unacceptable even back in '91.

   Sounds like unrealistic expectations to me.  My classics have all been understood to be just that - never to be compared with the newer, more sophisticated vehicles that I use for specific purposes or daily driving.  If one climbs into a '66 automobile and thinks it should perform like a 2021 example, one just doesn't "get" what the idea really is, in my opinion.

   Likewise, I'd never board a 1950 Piper Cub and expect that it was going to take me somewhere with the speed and comfort of a Boeing 777.  My advice: stop comparing and just enjoy the blast from the past!  😊