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I just had to own a Lamborghini Miura, even if my dad didn't approve | Hagerty Media

A while back, a reader named Joe Acerra asked me to write a column about what it's like to own a Lamborghini Miura-a car that Joe, no doubt like many of us, was introduced to in Matchbox form as a kid. The Lamborghini Miura came out in 1966, and it was absolutely stunning.
Intermediate Driver

Love Jay Leno's Garage and love your articles!

I had a yellow matchbox version. My first super fast. I still have it somewhere.

I was lucky to get to get in one of these and spend time with a Miura.
A local collector has one and it is a beautiful car. It has done the top shows and it has win at a few.

It is great to have a collector open their cars to others like this as I never thought I would see one let alone get behind the wheel.