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I hereby crown myself the Patina Czar

Long story short, my Skoda Favorit project is heading to the scrap pile after some massive, ahem, structural surprises. When the guy with a field of derelict Ladas said, “Du musst schweissen”—meaning “you must weld”—I trusted there would be something to which I could weld. My mistake!


Perhaps I should me more willing to lay in mud puddles to facilitate actually looking underneath a car rather than hoping for that best. (That’s a growth area for me.) I had nightmares of spending dozens of hours getting a MIG tan, only to receive a firm “Nein” at the German roadworthiness inspection station. When it was clear the Skoda would never be right again, I hung up the angle grinder. The silver lining to this highly oxidized misstep: I have a free spot in the garage.


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Love it.


I would have suggested just cutting the shell of the Skoda and putting it on another underbody Frankenstein-style, but having learned of the TUV (from Mighty Car Mods) I understand why you scrapped it and moved on.


Your new acquisition could probably live another life as a movie extra car if you decide to move it along  --assuming someone wants to ship it.