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I hereby crown myself the Patina Czar

Long story short, my Skoda Favorit project is heading to the scrap pile after some massive, ahem, structural surprises. When the guy with a field of derelict Ladas said, “Du musst schweissen”—meaning “you must weld”—I trusted there would be something to which I could weld. My mistake!


Perhaps I should me more willing to lay in mud puddles to facilitate actually looking underneath a car rather than hoping for that best. (That’s a growth area for me.) I had nightmares of spending dozens of hours getting a MIG tan, only to receive a firm “Nein” at the German roadworthiness inspection station. When it was clear the Skoda would never be right again, I hung up the angle grinder. The silver lining to this highly oxidized misstep: I have a free spot in the garage.


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Replies (9)

Replies (9)

@Pepperalls I'm totally with you! If I were still in South Carolina and there was only one Favorit and there was no TÜV, I would've just blasted the undercarriage with square stock chromoly  and home made flooring. But I watched a few videos of how it needs to be done here and for small repairs, the overlapping joints are totally doable. But for factory quality large scale repairs it would've depleted the global stocks of spot weld drill bits.  

Another great DDR "barn finds" story from Matt Anderson.  He is a kindred spirit; I share his deep interest in Eastern Bloc vehicles and live vicariously through his adventures.  What's next?  A Skoda Felicia convertible?  An ex-Stasi black Volga sedan?  The Barkas van?  A Wartburg Knight or Tourist?  An ex-Vopo open Trabant?  Keep the stories coming!


Well, you're certainly not going to find another one of these any time soon.  Great project, get it driving, blow the dust off and start picking up groceries and enjoy the shocked looks. 'Was ist das?' 

Pit Crew

Love it.


I would have suggested just cutting the shell of the Skoda and putting it on another underbody Frankenstein-style, but having learned of the TUV (from Mighty Car Mods) I understand why you scrapped it and moved on.


Your new acquisition could probably live another life as a movie extra car if you decide to move it along  --assuming someone wants to ship it.


Dash photos coming!

Love this saga so much. Excited to read more!

Hagerty Employee

The Moskvich has a slightly better reputation than a Trabant, but I still like my Trabis better.

New Driver

Great story, well-told!

New Driver

No pictures of that dash?

New Driver