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Hyperion teases hydrogen hypercar

U.S. startup Hyperion has given us a glimpse of its radical XP-1, which is claimed to use NASA technology for its hydrogen powertrain.


Hyperion was founded in 2011 and has been developing the Veyron-esque XP1 ever since. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is much-touted as the ideal green transportation solution, as it can create emissions-free electricity in a fuel cell or even be used in a combustion engine. Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are the only mainstream carmakers to commit to production cars so far and the re-fueling infrastructure as of right now remains very limited. However, for a low-volume collector car like the XP-1 that probably won’t be such an issue.


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Tesla pushed the electric trend with hype and high-end aspirational models. So this is exactly the kind of elite car the hydrogen niche needs.


From what I have read in the past, it sounds like the hydrogen cell/conversion tech has big potential in non-automotive non-transportation applications. I have said in the past "I don't think Toyota is dumb. They tend to know what they are doing". So if they are still into hydrogen I think it is something to watch.


Politically, hydrogen is much easier to control and have as a "Made in USA" thing  --for those that care about things like that and don't want rare-earth metal cartels replacing oil cartels.


Has anything changed in the huge amount of electricity needed to produce hydrogen?