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Hagerty Employee

Hybrid Corvette due in 2023, Lambo builds the 20,000th Huracán, VW celebrates 50 years of the electric Bus

Intake: As early as 2017, we've suspected that electrification is coming to America's favorite sports car. This morning, GM president Mark Reuss shared on LinkedIn that the first hybrid Corvette is due as soon as next year.

Did Reuss break the news about the Corvette hybrid on LinkedIn because he assumed that he'd be looking for another job after the announcement? Enquiring minds want to know.

WJ's son Kurt was also the first in Pro Stock to break the 6 second barrier. Always the consumate professional he made his own heads and was the brains behind the 500 cu. in block that GM used for NHRA Pro Stock. What hurt WJ was when CNC became common. Anyone once they got his heads could make them exactly like his. The "black" magic of head machining was now an ancient art.
By the way, Kelly Wade is a "her".

Hybrid Corvette should be interesting to me. AWD + Electric torque fill should be quite fun.

I normally hate reskinned fakes but for some reason I'm not disliking the NSX Diablo. I do think it would be better being all NSX or all Diablo, This is some interesting mash up. Why Jose Canseco did that I have no idea.
Intermediate Driver

A diablo

Death of the Corvette. It transforms from a V8 car with character to just a shape vaguely reminiscent of the real thing.

Corvette died with the blue flame six.

Everything since is posing.


When they got rid of the coves, they lost me.

I just love the folks who are doom and gloom here on the Corvette. 

Look the Hybrid is not my first choice but I get it. The cold harsh reality is all sports cars are going to be hybrid or full electric over time.  For now Hybrid is the solution yo keep the sound and feel but still increasing the performance via the electric drive. 

The automakers have no choice and they are trying to please the government and the public. 

GM is doing well offering something for everyone unlike Acura has on flavor only. 

while I am not a Hybrid fan GM is making it interesting with AWD. The Zora will be a E Ray but with a DOHC of a ZO6 and with twin turbos. This will be super sr performance for about 25% of the big names. 

One could sit and pout or take advantage of these fastest and most able Corvettes ever. Let’s face it the Zora will have more power and better handling than a 1970 McLaren Can Am car. 


Who cares if a new Corvette has better numbers than an old Can Am car? That’s not how most Corvette owners use their cars in the real world.
I regularly take 300+ mile day trips into remote mountain areas with my C7, the electric Corvette will not be able to do that. I do not have to stop for gas, but at least I could if I wanted to.
Irrespective of any handling numbers, the dynamic handling characteristics of a Corvette with heavy batteries will never be the same as my lighter weight C7, meaning the Corvette loses one of its best attributes. At least the electric Corvette shouldn’t overheat on the track for the 20 minutes the battery lasts.
Oh, and the mythical battery improvements are always, always, years off in the future.
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A lower powered gasoline engined Corvette hybrid that uses the electric motor as an acceleration booster would be.... interesting. Some other hybrids did it that way, such as the first Honda Accord hybrid (2206-2007). Range on pure electric was minimal, IIRC something like 40-50 miles, but that wasn't the purpose of the electric motor -- it was to boost power when needed for acceleration (such as taking off and passing) so that a smaller, more economical gas engine could be used for cruising. Combined power was more than the V6, and using the electric motor as a booster improved economy.

"The Accord Hybrid combines a V6 gasoline engine and an electric motor to provide significantly more power: 253 horsepower vs. 244 for the gasoline-only V6. It also gets substantially better fuel economy: 30/37 miles per gallon City/Highway vs. 21/30 for the standard V6." (from