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Hurley Haywood on racing, Rolexes, Paul Newman, and the future | Hagerty Media

Hurley Haywood, who just turned 73 but looks 50, is certainly America's greatest road racing endurance driver, and possibly the world's best. He has five overall victories at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, three at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and two at the 12 Hours of Sebring.

I was a huge Mark Donahue and Paul Newman fan . I watched both drivers at Road america back in the 1970's . The best races i saw in my life it was racing heaven back in those days !!
Advanced Driver

Hurley is not only a great driver but is also a gracious and personable man. He was my instructor at the Porsche Sport Driving School in 2008. It was obvious that most of the participants had no idea who he was, even though he was already inducted in the motorsports hall of fame.
After following him around the Barber Motorsports track in a 911 for a few laps at about 120 MPH, during a break he asked the five of us if anyone wanted to take a ride with him in "that SUV" (a turbo Cayenne). Surprisingly, I was the only one who said yes. He told me to grab my helmet and hop in. While calmly talking to me as if we were going to get an ice cream cone, I glanced at the speedometer and saw he was doing about 160 on the pit straightaway.

I was lucky to see him again at the Concours d'Elegance of America a couple of years ago. He remains friendly and humble despite his phenomenal record of great success.
Advanced Driver

Haywood seems like a very personable and attentive chap. I love his description of Peter Gregg's personality. The more I learn about Newman, this more I like him. Like my dad he played trombone in school and became a radioman in the navy, something musicians excelled at due to the Morse code.

I remember, and have the 'poster' for the
Audi 5000 Quarto win.
also have a photo of Paul Newman at 'Road Atlanta',
_on a pay phone. [thumb up to let me take the photo]

the Rolex Story is Hilarious Thank you