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Hagerty Employee

Hummer history: Where it came from (and where it's heading) | Hagerty Media

Even hardcore sports car addicts acknowledge there are situations where only a Hummer will do. Say, when the day's work is done and the back forty beckons for an hour of berm bouncing. Or when a left-lane creeper needs a full-mirror-visible suggestion to get the hell out of the way.
Intermediate Driver

11.500 ft lbs of torque.
How do tires get that power to the ground?
The GMC ads states 3 motors.
How does a differential, axle housing and shafts handle that type of power without grenading?
Advanced Driver

That is the total power at the 4 tires, after all the transfer case/differential torque multiplications...a standard Duramax pickup puts about 13,000 to the tires.

Pit Crew

Funny, during my 18 year career in the Army, we always called these vehicles "Humvee's", not "Hummers"... but then again, we always referred to M151's as "jeeps" and they had nothing in common with actual Jeeps.
Advanced Driver

It’s bad enough, that trucks keep getting bigger/heavier, and now the manufacturers are making them as fast to 60 as high end we’ll have a bunch of idiots in these overpowered overcompensating for personal shortcomings machines, pushing around other motorists (they already do), and then causing mass casualties...BECAUSE THEY STILL WILL NOT HANDLE/BRAKE AS WELL AS A SMALLER/LIGHTER VEHICLE!! God help us all!!
Intermediate Driver

But if you get one you dont have to worry about that would you
Pit Crew

Hummers have always been big and bad; all variations of them.
As the owner of both an '08 H2 SUT and a '94 H1 SUT Convertible, I have had the pleasure of knowing that no matter how tough the going gets, my Hummer would alway get me through it. In my part of PA, we occasionally get some big snow storms and I always enjoyed tooling around when even the plows had not gotten to the back roads yet. Unstoppable in just about any condition. Even my local Chief of Police told me if there was a emergency that his four wheel drive vehicle could not get through, he would give me a call for my help. Of course, I said "sure, I would be glad to help." My Red H1 1994 Turbo Charged Soft Top SUT was the vehicle they had in mind Homer of The Simpsons Show wanted an SUV that was "Eight Feet Wide of American Pride." The unique features made it an attention magnet at the local Car Shows that I took it to. The down side for this beast was the high maintenance expenses, poor fuel economy, and the cost of tires to keep it on the road. But overall it was well worth the cost to own. Sometimes you just have to accept the higher cost as part of owning something different than your father's old pickup truck.

My White 2008 H2 SUT was more civilized on the highway and always a pleasure to drive and tow my trailers. Not quite as capable off-road as my H1, but still a very solid performer there. As a long time owner of the H2, it delivered everything that I looking for in a monster truck. Great on the highway and comfortable to drive, this was a great highway machine It sits up high and gives you great visibility while tooling down the road.

I am looking into the new Electric Hummer EV, but the initial high cost has me concerned that only Arno S. will be able to purchase one. I know it is outside my budget right now, but I would not mind owning one. It looks like a new winner for GM if they can make it happen. Just my 2 cents worth ......Happy New Year to everyone.


I have to admit that I like the dashboard on it. I'd never buy one, but they're interesting to look at.

- Jim

Back in the day (I know, I know, too many of my posts start this way) I took GM's invitation to request, and I received, their free VHS cassette which is about a 25 minute commercial for the H1. It still impresses me with footage of those things confidently driving through bumper-high snow and popping up onto three foot high steps. You should be impressed that I have a working VCR.
Advanced Driver

Light, nimble, and efficient they ain't.