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Hagerty Employee

How would you configure your 2021 Ford Bronco?

It seems that every aspect of the Ford Bronco reveal was steeped in anticipation and excitement. Now that we’ve seen the Bronco in the sheet metal, the next milestone we were waiting for was the online configurator, which is finally live. Plenty of our staff has been busy digitally altering Ford’s new off-roader to suit their specific needs. Be forewarned, due to lots of demand, the Bronco configurator has been a bit slow to load. We got a spinning loading icon more than once and a countdown timer telling us to give the website a rest ... Read the full article on



I’m still on the fence between an Outer Banks and a Badlands. The Sasquatch is overkill for our needs. Even the disconnecting sway bar of the Badlands (and probably also the front locker) is a bit more than we’d use. But the AT 33s are perfect for off-reading. The OB’s street tires are great for daily driver use. I’ve been trying to verify whether the OB can accept 33s with the stock suspension. If so, I’d choose it and get an extra set of 17” wheels with BFG K03 33s. 

Intermediate Driver

An absolute must have for me is getting the manual transmission. 


Your wife is a GENIUS!


2 door pick-up


Two-door Badlands for me, with the V6 (too bad the 7-speed cannot be had with the V6), "mid" package, tow package, rock rails, sound-deadening headliner, and canvas Bimini top.  I think I would go with Velocity Blue.  $48,529 shows as the sticker.


Wait a minute...I could buy a Mustang GT convertible for about the same money.  Gotta think this one over...

Pit Crew

I have the four cylinder in my Ranger and it's more than adequate, especially after getting the flash upgrade from Fords tuner, 320hp and 380 torque.  If that's not enough for you then you better buy a used Hummer



Problem Solved!!!!

Intermediate Driver

The "wish list" is for the 2DR Black Diamond in Anti-Matter Blue w/2.3EB+7SPD, sound deadener, blockheater (anticipating a move from CA to MT) and floor liners..."reasonable" at $38,300 for a capable modern off-road machine (to 'supplement' my stock/unmodified '70 Bronco Wagon!).

And a "high-five" to your wife for her witty-ness!


X-Plan Discount Program!

... will save you ten percent!


All you need do is purchase 100 shares of Ford stock and hold them until your vehicle purchase. 

So, go ahead and splurge on those fatties