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Hagerty Employee

How will Jeep respond to the 2021 Ford Bronco?

Ford came out swinging with the 2021 Bronco, there’s no doubt about it. This Jeep-fighter boasts impressive stats like deep crawl ratios and high approach and departure angles that have Ford fanatics eager to challenge Wranglers on the trail. Read the full article on

Community Manager

Great job Cadillac, these names are almost as forgettable as your current nomenclature.  

Intermediate Driver

Honda and Toyota need to get in on this action! 

Pit Crew

I wish Ford the best of luck, it will be an uphill battle.  Pun intended.

Community Manager


Pit Crew

Jeep Wrangler: Win!  
Ford Bronco: Win!  
Chevy Blazer: Fail!

Pit Crew

I'd still rather have the Bronco. It just looks better in my humble opinion. And what about lifting the Bronco and adding even larger tires? That leaves the Jeep lagging behind again, but I guess any problem can be solved by throwing cubic money at it. As for the Bronco, Is there room in the engine compartment for a 5.0 or even a 6.2? I guess time will tell.


Phil in TX

Pit Crew

While this article compares details, w/no clear winner, it fails to mention only one of the 2 has a frame !


”Don’t Follow Me, ‘cause You Can’t Keep Up”




Seems like a lot of money is being spent to compete for a rather small market segment.

Intermediate Driver

Both Ford and Jeep have loyal followers that probably don't crossover unless they've been burned by the brand. It will be interesting to see where new customers bring their money.