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Hagerty Employee

How two Auto Union Silver Arrows were smuggled from behind the Iron Curtain

Thirty years ago, in an ivy-covered building in Sussex, England, a world-class team of automotive restorers began a familiar process. Skilled hands lifted the metal skin of a prewar German juggernaut. Pulled the twelve-cylinder heart into its constituent parts. Cleaned them of years of grime and neglect.
Advanced Driver

Why do these pictures remind me of the movie 'Alien'?

To MeJ:

I thought the very same thing!
Was H.R. Giger on the design team?

What a story!
New Driver

I had the pleasure of seeing these cars in a Manhattan Audi dealer when they were revealed to the US as part of a press team. I remember seeing another member of the press drop his microphone onto the hood, not sure it left a mark. They were spectacular to see in person.
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A wonderful follow-up would be an article about Joel Finn and the Silver Arrow he brought to the SVRA vintage race at Watkins Glen around 1990.
My recollection is it had authentic components but no claim to racing history or originality. For the few seconds the engine ran in the paddock it looked and sounded every bit a Silver Arrow. This happened early in the weekend and I never saw it again.
There are many pictures of it, I am sure, but what is needed is a well-researched and well-written article to set the record straight for future generations.
Thank you,

I remember reading an article about the original smuggling story about 25 years ago, in an old Road & Track that dated back long before.
In the mid '90's-ish an Aktion P was found,and the purchase and smuggling is an interesting story.

Terrific story, thanks. Please, more of this, less auction hype, how much is my Mustang/Camaro/Corvette/muscle car worth.

Intermediate Driver

Fully agreed. I've had it with auction results on (awesome) cars that only the very well heeled lawyers or dentists can afford and show at Emilia Island, brought in "by their good people" in covered trailers. Not to be ever driven - "Are you nuts ?"😳 .
We, actual gearheads love those stories on cars we heard about but never had a chance to see or, like here, their histories.

Those World War II era Auto Union cars are very sleek. Pretty amazing the survived time and war.

Great story.

These stories of survival are amazing.

What is sad is even after these cars are saved there are those who want them destroyed due to their Nazi Roots. Some people can not separate the machine from the people paying the bills.

I am glad enough people appreciate the machine and we can still enjoy them today. The technology of the machine at the time is amazing.