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Hagerty Employee

How to run Gummy-Bear shoes in the fastest run group-and win a free set!

1. Look at your shoes. Now look at yourself. Stop. Look at your shoes again. Now think about driving. Now think about not driving. Look back to your shoes. 2. What I just did to you is a mind-management trick I learned in the MBA program at Wharton.
New Driver

Do the orthotics the pediatrist gave you fit in your pilot flying j shoes?
Intermediate Driver

There's no way to compete with a better, faster, Peter Egan's witticisms. I do, however, wear a size 11-ish shoe, and hold the lap record at High Plains Raceway for 1948 Plymouths, in addition to owning 1/8th of a GAZ Volga and 100% of a Great Wall Motors Voleex.
Pit Crew

"gentleman supplier." This article reminds me of showing up to a PCA track education day in converse chucks, a motorcycle helmet and ratty 944t. A lot of unsolicited advice was dispensed at me in a short period of time.
Pit Crew

So, these shoes are too big for me by a size. I think Albanese gummy bears are way better than Haribo (plus they're American). So, of course I want these Pumas. I promise to wear them when I drive my 2002. My shoe of choice for spirited driving is the Chuck Taylor low top. Or my PF Flyers if I am feeling frisky. And I avoid people wearing Pilotis like the plague.
Pit Crew

Oh man, we just started getting Albanese in my small corner of PA. 100% converted from Haribo
New Driver

The shoes are too small for me, which means they would cause me to drive slower and in pain. Therefore your article is trash.
Advanced Driver

Ohhh... that guy. That guy is everywhere. Maybe don't. (Shoes will be too wide for me.)
Pit Crew

Seeing these end up in the wrong be unbearable.

Waiting on the Ronal/Haribo crossover event myself.
New Driver

My Adidas I mean.........
New Driver

The bear in the shoe isn't the correct Pantone when compared with the bear in the bag. Must be a fake.
Intermediate Driver

These shoes are AWESOME!! They have helped my driving immensely! With the bears on my shoes, they're close to the pedals and are fantastic at giving me critiques on my shifting and braking technique. They've shaved 4 seconds off my morning commute time!

Takes a real ......... Eh ......Man to wear his wife's shoes. That or you may be a yard gnome.
Advanced Driver

I know better than to match witticisms with you, so I will instead try to appeal to your fatherhood experiences in raising children to share your passion for cars without forcing it on them or smothering them in it. My 15 year old son is only marginally interested in cars (he’s at least down with road trips), but he wears a size 11 and rocks old school Vans, so these would be an excellent nudge towards a deeper appreciation of all things to be celebrated about cars.
Intermediate Driver

"I did 15 track days last week."
"Have you ever ordered something painted to sample? Not just anyone can do it."
"I don’t know why you think heel-and-toeing can’t be done on an automatic. I do it all the time."

You are a complete idiot, and I love you. I don't care who knows it.
And the Vin Diesel toast made me tear-up. So many feels. Like, "I really hate those shoes."
Intermediate Driver

Man, $60 is pretty reasonable these days for some dope shoes... Almost as reasonable as using my Charger as a package delivery car! (Which I am. No, I am not a smart man)
Pit Crew

I like puma’s. I like gummy bears. But if you could just make them 2 Pantone shades darker…
New Driver

Who uses a brake pedal, heel toe means lifting your heel to smack the clutch with your toes and clutch kick every corner with the skinny pedal mashed like you're rewriting "The Art of Cookery". It's like Edward 40 hands but with your feet, and horsepower; and these shoes better stick to the pedals like hot Hoosies stick to hot tarmac ... I'm running out of duct tape.
Hagerty Employee

did i just consider foot binding to fit into these bad boys? no, no i did not. curse Nate-Dogg with them
Intermediate Driver

I bought a pair of Pilotis recently after wearing Vans since around 1981. I found a style that look like regular sneakers and not poncey driving shoes. The nice thing about them is they were made by adults in Portugal vs. by children in some sweat shop in the Far East.
New Driver

"He left-foot brakes from both sides of the pedal. He’s amphibious." — Yogi Gummiberra
Pit Crew

This season I moved from the Goodyear Supercar tires to R7 Hoosiers on my SS 1LE. You should really do the same if you are serious about competing at the top level of SCCA TNiA...
You know the SS 1lE has a factory track warranty. I have the automatic because it's proven faster around the track and I only drive flat out. That makes my car the fastest car ever for under $50,000...
I don't use Hagerty trackday insurance, I talked to my insurance guy and he will help me put a claim through if I tow the car to a public road before filing the claim...
My Haribo Goldbear Pumas actually grip the precision machined metal pedals in my SS 1LE better, they are stickier...
Intermediate Driver

I used to heel-toe downshift in my old tiptronic automatic Honda. But the auto in that was so lazy, it was hardly a challenge to tap the shifter then blip the throttle with my size 12 black Puma driftcat resplendent in its ferrari livery.

Unrelated, but I laughed way too much at most of this article.
New Driver

If those shoes are paint to sample you must own a Ruf yellow bird
Advanced Driver

Good health to your family, and to your extended family gathered here. Long life, Mr. Sam; we need you to keep us happy, as you always do.
New Driver

All Day I Drive About Shoes

If the shoe’s fits I will wear them out like tires to asphalt

PS Size 11 fits
New Driver

Understanding of Venn diagram of automotive journalists who are also Haribo enthusiasts made reading byline unnecessary.
Pit Crew

They don't fit me, so don't send them. I wear a pair of Popsicle Sperry Topsiders for my driving shoes.
New Driver

Size 11? Yea but how big are your hands? I have XXL Haribo gloves. Lost your swagger huh

The shoes are my size but unfortunately I am not secure enough in my manhood to wear them in public.

God Bless you and Nathan. I'm sure I won't get the shoes because I have nothing clever nor original to say to you except many Blessings on yours and Nathan's abilities.
Stay well.

They are too big for me and Puma's tent to run long making it even worse. That said, I might get a whole lot of joy from these using them as fodder at Auto Cross events and car shows for a while until I find someone else that gets the joke and I pass them along to them so someone else can have a little extra joy in their heart. I don't know, maybe I can make these into a pass it on trophy of some sort because it is for sure I won't wear them and I don't them taking up space in my house for longer than they have to. If you do send them to me I promise a photo of them on the hood of a car at the closest VFW to Lime Rock that holds a weekly car show in the summer (Couch Pipa post 6851) where they will sit until I can convince the Colonel they should be a pass it on trophy, or get someone else to take them.
New Driver

Just like eating Haribo Gold Bears, a good rip around the track makes you feel like a kid again.
I think these two definitely go hand in hand. Great article!
New Driver

Does running the fastest 2 times around the block in a ‘57 Oval window beetle with no door, no windows sitting on a bucket while it’s snowing count? I just installed my new 560R15 “shoes” on her and just had to give them a whirl… driving shoes?
Paint splattered Crocs…
Size 11 would be a perfect fit! Maybe I could hit 3rd gear with those on!
Pit Crew

Jube Jubes are far better than any gummie. Gummies are too, well, gummie.
I'm out: Wrong size but perfect for my son so I'm now back in.
Carry on...
Intermediate Driver

23. You should really be wearing those shoes to drive a VW bus. You know those hippy freaks with the little dancing bears on the windows? You're one of those if you wear shoes like that, or those funny German sandals. Gummi is German, right? And Puma? German. My Porsche is German. I bet you didn't know that.

Hey, I know that guy!

But you'd think Haribo would go for more of a gummy insole rather than the shoe...
Pit Crew

Eye just posted this, can U C it? I hope U can C it, but eye can't see U c ing it.

Don't you realize that lacing outside over inside slows your feet's reaction times? Reverse them and you'll gain a second a lap, guaranteed. Of course, it's the other way around in England and Japan.
New Driver

Why say something witty when I can sing!

Shoeing and toeing, courageous and flowing
Faithful and friendly with car knowledge to share
All through the racetrack they honk out in chorus
Driving along as their song fills the air
Gummi Shoes!
Driving here and there and everywhere!
High speed adventure that's beyond compare!
They are the Gummi Shoes!

**Obviously, sing to the tune of Gummi Bears TV theme song! (late 80's, early 90's!)
New Driver

I've taught a few young-uns the black art of driving stick in my Elise; if there's any car that needs a narrow-of-sole shoe, that's it.

I think these shoes would fit a fine young gentleman I recently met during a volunteer shift at the local food bank and we're trying to schedule a three-pedal lesson sometime soon, hopefully over the upcoming school holiday break. His mom is on board with the plan, but she's not sure where their house/minivan will be found over the school break, so we're working it out.

The kid seems pretty wide-of-soul, so it'd probably be a good fit.
New Driver

I absolutely love these. My 9-year old son and wife agree. They would go great with my Fiat 500 Pop (bought new in 2014). My wife says I look like Mr. Incredible getting in and out (I'm 6'3"). I love that cheaply-built car (SO much work that car!) and don't really care if I look silly. Too bad I bought Puma Super Ligas recently because my Lotus requires narrow shoes but I didn't want to be that guy at the track with the racing shoes. My son is only 9 but is already wearing size 9 men's shoes. He'll gladly take them for sure, but if I can get him out on track (we'll start with the Fiat and then maybe the Lotus) when he is 16 they may be too small. First-time post and you may never see me post again but I couldn't help myself this time. Enjoying your writing for years already Sam!
Advanced Driver

I don't think the Gummi Bear Puma's will match double-knit. I'm partial to Weejuns, size 11 should you ever write of a track day affair, heel-toeing in a most enviable pair of "chalk and opaque charcoal" loafers. Jus' sayin' ...
New Driver

Fantastic! Beauty and function! These shoes would definitely make my little red German sports car go faster!
Pit Crew

These dye-to-sample Schuhe sure would look good on my carbon (but not ceramic) feet. Heel-toe? Ha! I'll be using the entire sole of my well-heeled foot to bury the Exclusive Manufaktur throttle pedal against the carbon fiber floor-mats.

I suspect these shoes are actually intended for the drivers of low riders, bouncing here and there and everywhere.
New Driver

I would love to receive hate with those shoes as I heel/toe my ‘96 Mystic Cobra with bad paint and an obnoxiously loud supercharger

Wearing alligator skin boots slows my transfer time between the channel switch and phase shifter pedals compared to economy tennies but the audience appreciates my sacrifice for the sake of superior fashion.
Intermediate Driver

Ezra Dyer wants his shoes back.

Highly humorous article.🙂😀😁😆😅🤣 Thanks Sam. I'm an 11 and these would go well when burying the loud pedal om Green Go Hellcat at SCCA Track Night. Top speed 155 @ Daytona, 148 @ PBIR. Keep us laughing!