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How to install Euro-spec glass headlights on your Volvo 240/245

When you live in an apartment complex and are investing into the automotive hobby on a tight budget, the options to jazz up your "new" 1986 Volvo are limited. Slammed drift wagon? Michigan's infamous potholes would like a word. LS swap? Pricey, and I have no garage for a large-scale project.


I'm still adjusting to my biggest adult purchase since putting down a rent deposit. Swapping out my Volvo's cloudy, plastic headlight lenses for Euro-spec glass units struck me as affordable and not too intimidating. Once the weather decided to play nice on a free weekend afternoon, I got to work outside in my parking lot. Aside from my first sunburn of the season, here's what it took.


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

How much did the new parts cost?

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