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How to diagnose and replace bad bushings

Tight suspension is one of the primary factors in a capable sport car's handling. If the behavior of your car's suspension is best described by the inflatable tube man at your local used car dealer, it might be time to break out the jack stands and put in some fresh bushings. ChrisFix just uploaded a video walking us through the process of diagnosing and replacing bad suspension bushings.


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I do not like polyurethane for bushings--anywhere.  I have seen them disintegrate--yes--disintegrate--even from just sitting.   Yes--rubber bushings eventually will wear out.  But, have you ever seen a rubber bushing just crumble?  Vintage Volkswagens have a

coupler between the steering column and  the steering box.  Poly coupler "biskets" have been being marketed for some years.  One marketer advertised them as "'ll never need to buy another one...".  That's because you may not live to tell t he tale.  In vintage

VW circles, this urethane coupler is known as "the coupler of death".  I documented several instances of failure of this vital part where poly had been substituted for rubber.

Other instances of failure include the shift rod coupler bushing and the equalizer bar bushing (where poly bushings had been substituted for rubber bushings).  Beware!

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