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Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

How to bleed brakes—plus tips and tricks to make it easier

The process of bleeding air from a hydraulic brake system is simple, but it can become absolutely infuriating in no time for seemingly no reason. Luckily, Davin is here to help you stay out of trouble with the latest Hagerty DIY.


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New Driver

Just what I needed to watch actually! Thank you for this.
Community Manager

This is a great project to do at home right now!


Why does everybody insist that you have to start with the passenger side rear?  It's a closed system, does it really matter where you start and finish?  


The best tool to use is a little hand held vacuum pump that sucks the fluid from the bleed screw. Tip: undo the bleed screw as little as possible. Particularly useful when everything is new and the system is totally empty, and for clutch hydraulics. Kits available for about $20.

New Driver

**bleep** good video.  I have a 49, and this is a 50.  JUST WHAT I NEEDED.  LOVE your way of talking !


For the first timers, remember, brake fluid is about the best paint remover there is - careful with it around painted areas.  This can be a problem around the master cylinder.  Also, Davin's comment about slow stroking the pedal vs pumping it:  Pumping it tends to make fluid in the reservoir splash out of the open top.  Slow strokes is the way to go in my experience.   If you get brake fluid on a painted surface clean it up quick and wipe it down with spray degreaser and water flush or wipe down.