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How the Range Rover went from farmhand to Fortune 500 ride

Charles Spencer “Spen” King, the father of the Range Rover, didn’t get everything right. This will sound like heresy to some: Spen is rightly regarded as one of Britain’s finest car engineers, and the car he’s most famous for celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. Open the door of  an original, early ‘suffix-A’ Range Rover and you’ll soon see where he screwed up ...


Yes, Spen was wrong about some things — but when Spen was wrong, he was the right kind of wrong, and the same kind of wrong as his uncles were when they sketched out the original Land Rover in the sands of Red Wharf Bay in Wales in 1947. 


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Replies (4)

Replies (4)

According to Wikipedia, the first vehicular crossing was made by model-T Fords. The expedition started from Rio de Janeiro in 1928 and arrived in DC in 1938. The next was made by a Land Rover and a Jeep in 1959-60. Three Corvairs tried in in 1961; two of them made it to Columbia.

Pit Crew

In late 70's when I was in high school, my dad, a true car aficionado, had an off-white one, similar to the one pictured here. I loved that car so much. One summer day when he was sleeping I couldn't resist stealing the key and climbing into it, parked in our front yard. In my haste and sheer excitement I didn't realize it was in first gear. So when I tried to start it, the car made a big jolt forward and hit the front of our house! I realized what a powerful car it was when it made a huge crack on the solid brick wall. Needless to say, the whole thing woke my dad up and I got a good beating from him, but in retrospect it was well worth it! 😉

New Driver

Similar to the way that Saab in a few short years went from competing with the VW bug to competing with Mercedes.


Wasn’t the “previously impenetrable Darien Gap” crossed by a set of dealer-sponsored Corvairs in the mid-60s?

New Driver