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Hagerty Employee

How rough is too rough for a 1969 GTO Judge?

When it came to bold colors and splashy graphics, Mopar pulled out all the stops in the muscle car era. Pontiac, too, got in on the action. From 1969–1971, the boisterous stripes and prominent rear wing of the GTO Judge made it one of the loudest muscle machines available. As its Paul Revere and the Raiders theme song announced, it also had, “Wide-Trac, mag-type, Polyglas shoes for traction.” Under the hood, various Ram Air V-8s provided plenty of power to back up the boastful claims of its advertisements.


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Advanced Driver

Too much of a dice roll to tell from the pix. Might be a good deal, or might be a disaster. If it were a Ram Air IV, it might be worth it, but that's a base engine car.

New Driver

I would buy it, clean it, touch it up to make it more presentable, drive it and enjoy it !

Take it to some Cruise-Ins, Car Shows, and make some passes at US131 Dragway. Fun !

(And I would patiently keep an eye out for a correct engine and any other parts needed to bring it closer to original)

Pit Crew

First order of business is to asses body and floors for rust. If the car is fairly solid it could be a good buy. Red car with four speed would bring some good money for whomever might have the energy and time to bring her back.

Intermediate Driver

New inner wheel wells tells a story.

Finding a correct motor is not easy.

So restoring likely would be a money pit.
Interesting that looking at eBay posting, that they bothered to put ‘48’ heads on it. 
Like the ‘13’ heads, these came on more than just a  GTO, and both were found on cars with an automatic.

Many of these cars are better to just drive and enjoy. Any similar 1969 or 1970 motor can be tailored towards RA III specs. The real jump was to RA IV, where the 4 hp was a meaningless number. And some parts, like the flex fan, were specific.