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Hagerty Employee

How not to buy a car on Craigslist | Hagerty Media

The bubble burst as soon as I walked up to the battered Mazda RX-7. The paint, which the owner had described over the phone as "not bad," in reality had a double-throwdown case of eczema-flaking off the rear bumper-and the roof was severely sun-faded.
Pit Crew

Great article. I have found that you have to watch the body language, facial expressions, eyes and tone of voice of the seller when buying a car. If something doesn't feel absolutely genuine about the seller, walk away. I once bought a truck from a guy who used the word "dear" twice in the same sentence when asking his wife to get him something from the house. He cried when he handed me the truck keys. It was one of the best vehicles I ever owned. Likewise, I bought an older Porsche from a guy who was slightly flippant and cagey. I didn't trust his eyes. I didn't like him, but I was young and thought the car was a good car at a good price. The car had severe problems hidden by a good paint job and was the worst car I ever owned. This scenario has played out for me multiple times in car purchases. I trust my gut feeling about the seller. Be prepared to walk away even if the car seems okay.