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Hagerty Employee

How my 1987 CRX left its mark on the Honda mod community

Remember when, 10 years ago, fuel prices were about double what they are today? Prime time to own a 1969 Chevrolet CST/10 with its Quadrajet huffing fuel, of course! Even better, an ideal vehicle for pizza delivery. A situation where you’re driving in traffic all day, pouring fuel with each blast back up to speed, and then banking that consumption on the day’s income … it worked. For a time, anyway. But as I entered college, I wanted something more efficient and fun to drive. Little did I know that this machine, and the work I’d put into it, would have its own legacy after I had moved on to other projects.


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When I met my wife in 1998 she had an identical 1986 blue HF. We kept driving it for a few years after our marriage in 1990, although the lack of air conditioning was a challenge.


Due to the overdrive in 4 and 5, you couldn't climb hills on the interstate any slower than 75 mph. If your concentration wandered and you let the speed drop, you'd have to make a panicked downshift to 3rd to try to stay above 55.


Fixed the cracked fenders with spot putty and Walmart blue spray paint, a perfect match.


Sold it when the amount of tailpipe smoke made it plain it wouldn't pass emission testing. The buyer was from out of town (no test required) so it was fine with him.


My fondest memory of the CRX was the Firestone 4 for $99 tires I put on it. They claimed that the cheap 155/80's wouldn't work, and I had to buy the regular price 165/70's instead. I insisted and walked out with the cheapest set of tires around. The handling was equally weak as the wider rubber, but the new tires were in perfect balance and I could cruise at 80 without losing a filling.