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Hagerty Employee

How far did $21K go at the January 2021 auctions? | Hagerty Media

With January's big auctions now in the rear view, the surprisingly strong sales numbers suggest that the 2021 collector market is off to a healthy start. Of course, you don't have to spend mega money to get a satisfying machine to enjoy cruising, corner carving, or tinkering with in the garage.
Advanced Driver

Jag for the big win on this one, for me. To the average person, me included, this looks pretty high end. And if the 5.0 is Ford sourced should be reasonably affordable to maintain? 2+2 if I read it right, what's not to love!
New Driver

The 4.0, 4.2 & the 5.0 Jaguar engine is the last of the Jag breed. The AJ engine was originally built and developed by Jaguar prior to Ford buying Jag. So what you have is a true Jaguar engine. In my personal experience with the 4.2 engine they are absolutely bullet proof. The 4.0 had problems initially but even these were resolved by the time the 4.2 was launched. The 5.0 is a beast and can be a bit temperamental by all accounts.
Intermediate Driver

On the other hand, a '71 AMC Javelin that I wanted to bid on went for $37K! Go figure!

The Honda DualSport in the back of the Toyota would be a cool sight to see. Might make you wonder if you'd stepped back in time nearly 30 years. 😄

I'm guessing Solstice GXP convertibles have passed the $21K mark on their own.

An MG TD with friction shocks??!!
Yes, lever-action shocks but they were hydraulic.
Intermediate Driver

It is rare that I see so many items I'd like to have on one of these lists. I'll have the Jag, The Honda SL100 and XL250, and the Solstice.
A 1973 SL100 was my first new motorcycle. We paid $299 plus tax. It was green with white tank stripes. What I really wanted was an XL250 but I couldn't swing it at the time.
I'm shaking my head at the price of the trail 70s.