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Hagerty Employee

How do you get a Porsche Turbo to 647,000 miles? It's all about seat time | Hagerty Media

As of this writing, Tom Thalmann has driven his 996-generation 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo 647,079 miles. That's an average of 98.4 miles per day. Thalmann even enjoys his commute, from southern Rhode Island to the Boston area, which ranges roughly from 164 to 215 miles per roundtrip, depending on where he's working on a given day, and making ample use of backroads.
Intermediate Driver

Reinforces my belief that oil changes should occur frequently, and without skimping on a good quality oil and filter. The service reminder light, particularly on turbo engines, is optimistic.
Pit Crew

I love this article. These cars are not fragile museum pieces meant to be observed from afar and appraised. They are automotive icons meant to be enjoyed as they were engineered and imagined to be. Do so while you can.

Pit Crew

Great and encouraging article. Nice to see someone flog it and take care of it. A strong testament to Porsche engineering.