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How BMW’s M1 Procar Championship came to be—and almost didn’t

At a nondescript bar in downtown Munich, sometime in 1978, a handful of auto executives gathered at a corner table and spoke in hushed tones. They knew only too well that here, in the home city of BMW, walls have ears—and the executives were trying to dig their way out of a hole almost as deep as the famous BMW four-cylinder high-rise headquarters was tall. Read the full article on

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I really enjoyed this story, brings back many memories. While at the 1980 British Grand Prix during the pit walk most of the fans were clamoring after the GP drivers I happened to see Hans Georg Burger who drove the BSAF Procar, a personal favorite of mine, sitting on the pit wall. I approached him for an autograph and I think he was thrilled that some body had actually recognized him. Sadly he was killed the following weekend while practicing for a F2 race in Zandvoort.