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Hagerty Employee

How a spider-webbed 1983 Honda taught me to just 'wing it

There are literally a dozen vehicles in my possession right now. That's a problem. The most interesting part of this predicament is not how many of them don't run, need parts, or are mothballed. No, the problem is that my current favorite is the one to which I show the least love.

"Criteria" is plural. You want criterion.
Intermediate Driver

Another gem, Kyle! Everyone should own a reliable "give a sh*t" vehicle at least once. "Brings joy and asks for very little in return." It's tough to get better than that!
Advanced Driver

I bought a 98 Honda Valkyrie a couple years ago. Out of the 4 bikes I owned previously, this one beats them all. It will probably be my last bike. I might by an additional bike, but this one will stay. I love the color scheme and it rides and performs incredibly. To me it feels like it could stand up by itself, it's that easy to handle.

I've had my '97 for some 15 years and yes, it will be my last bike. Also yes, it will just about stand on it's own; it is an easy bike to do the seat stand stunt on while riding.

I've had "mine"....
Pit Crew

I plan on bringing my '84 Aspy (instead of the '75 XS650) to C&C this Friday. Bring the '83, we'll have a GoldWing show! I still love riding the GeezerGlide.

Sounds like a deal! (this is also my only street-legal vehicle right now, so...)
Intermediate Driver

I love beaters. My first car was a 76 Monte Carlo. I'd leave the keys in it when parked. Friends would put signs on the windshield that said "Steal Me".
Advanced Driver

There is value in cheap miles! Almost like a bank account that grows with travel. Good engineering practice dictates how much service can be obtained for how little cost? Looks like you have a winner here!
Pit Crew

Ah, the venerable Gold Wing. I went to the first service school in the US for the wing, held in Phoenix, AZ, in the Fall of 1975. The people running the school let me ride one of the two bikes they had there up the street. Wanting to see how it compared to the CB750 (of which I had owned several) I wound it up in first gear, shifted hard into second, promptly causing the front wheel to lift about a foot of the ground. When I turned around and rode back to the parking lot, the two Honda guys were just about to have a stroke. I couldn’t see what the big deal was until they informed me that they only had those two bikes to do all the service schools with.

I thought it was a pretty cool bike, although awfully heavy. It would be some years before wings started coming with fairings, saddlebags, etc. Most people don’t remember the plain Jane wing came first.
Pit Crew

I have a '79 Jeep CJ-7 just like that. Rough, but so much fun to drive. I wash it once a year whether it needs it or not.
Intermediate Driver

I bought a '83 Aspencade just like the one pictured, brand new in '83! If I recall correctly, I paid $6200. for it. It replaced my '75 Wing (the yellow banana)! I enjoyed several years of touring New England and Canada. Sold it in '92 for $5000 to buy a new Harley Softail. I caught a live one when I sold it as the local Honda dealer still had a couple of "new" 1983s still in the crate!!