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Hagerty Employee

How a Small Fender-Bender In My '72 AMC Turned Into a Big Headache

Generally, I'm a "defensive driver." Even more so, when I'm behind the wheel of my 1972 AMC Ambassador. But some incidents on the road are beyond our control, which was the case when a GMC pickup towing a Chevy Vega rear-ended me on the way from a car show.

Excellent story! I dig the car too. MY family has a LOT of Ramblers and AMC's when I was growing up, including a '70 Rebel SST.
New Driver

Your bumper guy sounds like mine. Small shop, absolutely refused to take any shortcuts and seemed distressed when I even suggested it. The price of plating chemicals has tripled in the past year, and what was an $800 job previously was $1,500 a month ago, and his next chemical shipment would make it $2,000.
Advanced Driver

I love how the car looked after the wreck. Looked like it was frowning and sticking its tongue out at the stupid GMC! The car was expressing its displeasure!!

Good advertisement for a proper insurance policy.

   I was resisting reading this article because the headline not only depressed, but scared me.  I usually hate reading horror stories about nice classics being hurt in accidents, and I certainly recognized that but for-the-grave-of-the-car-gods, there might go I.

   But curiosity finally got the best of me, and I clicked on the story.  The moment I saw the first picture, I was glad I did.  "Nice car", I thought, "hope that is an 'after photo' and not a 'before'."  Then I got into the whole saga, and started to feel an affinity for Joe and his AMC.  By the time I was finished, I was almost cheering out loud for both of them!

   I am very happy that the car turned out so well, and I also wish I knew where "Don's Plating Shop" is located.  I've got a couple of bumpers that need work!  😊


Cool story! Cool car! I see where the bumper doesn't fit perfectly, but I still think it looks great! Knowing AMC's quality control in those days, it could have looked like that when new. I'm glad it all worked out!