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How a secret 21st-century 7-liter Ford V-8 reached 9000 rpm

During the early development days of the Ford "Boss" 6.2-liter V-8, Les Ryder, then Ford's chief engine engineer, settled on an ambitious development goal (and a catchy phrase): 7000 rpm, 700 hp, and 7 liters. The Triple Seven, as it became known, is one of those what-ifs that could have changed the path of automotive history, especially as the late-model horsepower wars returned at the end of the 2010s. It never saw production—but in the hands of a secretive team, it did see an eight-second quarter-mile a few years ago.


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Replies (4)

Replies (4)

That engine would look awesome under the hood of my F150!

Phil in TX

New Driver

This isn't magic.

I built a "512/514 stroker" 'Ford Motor Sport' engine 15 yrs. back.

_ We called them "Stump Pullers" when they were in a Pick Up.


All it takes is 'cash', & the knowledge to Build it.

_ _ out sourcing, will take you to the 'bank'.

I've delt with more than one, "half Assed" machine shops

in my area [Neb. panhandle]

Beware of them, no mater of your location!

Pit Crew

I was hoping that this article would indicate that Roush was producing this 427 for customers as a crate motor.

Pit Crew

850 horses without turbo- or super-charging!

Intermediate Driver