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How a grimy Indian Chief can merit a concours-condition price

When we see rust, dirt, and grease on a collector vehicle, we don’t usually expect a hefty price tag. In a select few cases, however, the right amount of dirt and history makes a dirty vehicle a valuable vehicle—#1-condition (Concours) valuable. This is especially true in the world of motorcycles. So how can a #4-condition motorcycle bring #1-condition money?


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I like survivors and derelict but am not fussy on fake ratty.


There has been some terrible fake patina "barn fresh" overpriced flips in my area the past few years.


I concede that if you have a 95% survivor that needs a rocker or quarter panel to be allowed to drive it you get that fixed and may choose to get it painted to match the worn paint. I lean towards fixing the minimum properly and letting that age into the story myself.


The bike in the article has a great look. My tastes would lose the windscreen thing. But then I like worn-in leather jackets and jeans vs. shiny new.