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How a '60s slot-car championship propelled three Midwest kids to the big leagues | Hagerty Media

High-level video-game competitions, including racing sims, have become career opportunities, with the prize pools for major events running into the tens of millions of dollars. Sixty years ago, there weren't racing simulators, and only major league athletes made a living playing games; but with sponsorship from a major automaker, one toy company gave young people the chance to race to win.

I loved my Aurora MM set. I had some popular body shells, like the Green Hornet's Black Beauty, along with an XKE and Ferrari.
Anybody remember cleaning the Commutator Brushes with a pencil eraser?

Or running the cars so long that grooves would form in the contact pads.

Love this story. I've known know Bob Beers for many years, he is a fountain of knowledge on Aurora slot car racing. I've been racing Aurora cars since the early 70's, when T-jets were on their way out and AFX was on the way in. I'm also a collector.
I race locally and nationally in a class called Fray class. Named after a race that takes place in Ferndale CA every year called The FRAY in Ferndale. Teams from all over the country and some from overseas show up to compete, over a week long period, in both individual and team competition. The Fray cars use the original T-jet chassis as the basis for the class. Some modifications are allowed, some for reasons of difficulty finding good part or competitive parts, some for better handling and driving. The racing is quite intense even in this small scale.