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Housekeeping: Welcome to Hagerty's New Website And Community

Imagine having a name like "Mac Rebennack" and thinking that you probably needed an even cooler name to play music. That's how Mac became "Dr. John, the Nite Tripper". Most of you probably know him as the fellow who sang

I been in the right place/but it must have been the wrong time


Is this the wrong time to introduce a brand-new place to talk about cars? Let's hope not, because that's what we have right here, along with a new name. You've known this site as "Hagerty" for a while now. That's cool, but "Hagerty Media" is even cooler --- and from now on, you can just type in to visit us directly. As the director of this site, I'll be your Dr. John and your guide to what we're offering, both here on the Hagerty Media site and in our astounding (FREE ADVICE) and interesting (FREE ADVICE, TOO!) new community site. It goes a little something like this:


You can expect that we'll have a lot more daily news, delivered earlier and later in the day. We will continue to bring you great car stories by all the contributors you've come to know: Jay Leno, Wayne Carini, Larry Webster, Don Sherman, Aaron Robinson, Patrick Bedard, and many others. We will be helping you share the story of your own cars and adventures with your friends and with the rest of the Hagerty Media community. More than a million and a half of you are already reading every month. That's great! Bring your friends.


Want more? The new community site at is the place. If the old Web forums were Optisparked LT1 engines from the Nineties, this place is like an LS9. You can talk to us, talk to each other, and talk to the community of experts we will be bringing in to give you real-world-experience answers to your questions. Once we're up and running, we will be selecting a Commenter of the Day each and every weekday. The other sites do that, too --- but we are going to be handing out real prizes. Here's an example: What if we could give you a new Ferrari 488GTB? That would be great, right? Well,  we can't do that... but we might give you a chance to drive one at 150mph or beyond.


Oh, and we are finally giving you the chance to comment directly on the articles. That was long overdue.


In the months to come, we'll be listening to your feedback and making the appropriate changes. So don't be shy about speaking up.


Thanks for joining us on this journey. When I joined Hagerty a year ago, I knew that we'd eventually be able to offer our dedicated readers, members, and fans a way to build a community like no other. Thanks for your patience. Is this the wrong time for a new approach to automotive enthusiasm? That's not for me to say --- but I'll tell you this: you're in the right place.

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I'm fine with the site refresh, though navigating is still tricky. Having to join each discussion group seems like it will discourage participation even from the simple fact of people not realizing they have to join the group to post.


as of mid-April I am noticing the following:


-having to login to various sub forums. I click a link and now I am not logged into that section. Sometimes it lets you type a post, error messages and you lose what you typed.


-related to the above, having to login multiple times to a subsection for it to stick. At times, it seems I cannot login some parts. This does not seem consistent. This also happens when trying to like a post --you often get a screen refresh and have to press like a second time to get it to show up as a like.


-articles are being posted by the same few people but they aren't the writers of the articles. I understand that Bryanhagerty (for example) is obviously doing a ton of work to populate the site with the content, but it should be the writer's avatar to build brand identity as it were. Besides, it looks odd having a huge list of posts by 2-3 people.