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Hagerty Employee

Hot Wheels goes full "elegante" with Gucci Seville, a factory-less EV, 2022 Mustang blacks out

Intake: Italian fashion house Gucci is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a Hot Wheels partnership, making a very special die-cast version of the 1982 Gucci Cadillac Seville. The folks at Mattel Creations-the Mattel division responsible for high-end, collector-grade products-also say this is the first official collectible from Gucci, and the detailing on this is certainly worthy of the partnership.

Mustang news I'm happy.
Advanced Driver

$120 for 1:64 scale? Ha, ha. Good one.
Pit Crew

I don't know who drunkenly applied the droopy Seville script on the right front fender, but I'm assuming they also applied the off center Gucci logo and 'luggage straps' on the decklid. That's forgivable on $5 Hot Wheels but not on a $120 limited edition model. Hopefully this is a one-off prototype...

Prototype models are usually BETTER than production!

Seems like Mattel missed the AMC Matador Pierre Cardin version back in the late '70s.

The historic Cadillac Stamping Plant was demolished for a brownfield site. So much for history...

Not all news is good!
Pit Crew

I think the east side Cadillac plant you are referencing was originally a Hudson plant. Cadillac had an east side location on Riopelle, which was also the first home of Detroit Transmission, the beginnings of Hydramatic. Most of Cadillac’s Detroit operations were on the lower west side of Detroit. The Poletown plant, now home of GM’s high-end EVs, replaced it. They also built an engine plant, I think in the late 1970s, in suburban Livonia. That plant built the Northstar engines.

The other interesting historical error with GM is when articles confuse the location of the GM assembly plant located at Willow Run with the bomber plant that became the home of Kaiser and later Hydra-Matic. That plant, located north of the airport, built Corvairs, the Chevy IIs and its various derivations, then full size Chevys before their assembly when to Arlington Texas.

One of the sad facts about Detroit and the environs, is that it is still full of historical industrial buildings and sites with little attention to their historical significance in making Detroit the Motor City.