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Hagerty Employee

Honda to exit Formula 1—again

Honda is planning to leave Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season despite just taking its first win of 2020.


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Climate change is all about making China the sole super power. Honda has placed its bets.


The change to EV models being forced by regulations is going to be bloody expensive and some MFGs will not survive and other will have to find dance partners to remain independent. 

Honda is one of them. Their deal with GM will help keep them independent and help GM share cost. 

The real issue is the laws like California forcing the EV products will really hurt the wallets of the people who live there. EV will get cheaper but it will take time. 

The real problem is California has a lack of electric power now and the wind and sun is not going to bail them out. There are no real plans for new power plants. 

What is really sad is much of this climate change politics are about weakening the American economy. They is a lot of push by some for globalization and a strong America stands in the way. 



Climate change + god the government = Avenue to revenue. Guess what? Pockets will be emptied, god the government will get rich and climates will change for better or for worse and China, India and Asia as a whole will still pollute the world and not pay anything. god the government will continue to believe it can change the weather, or maybe the government does not really believe it can change the weather. Maybe god the government is just scheming to get rich.