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Hagerty Employee

Honda Integra Type R vs Honda Civic Type R

In the interests of transparency, if you don't believe that an owner's perspective of a Honda Integra Type R can be in any way impartial, click away to another page now. However, if you feel that the view of someone who has tested and reviewed thousands of cars during a career spanning 32 years (I haven't been found out yet) then stick around.
Intermediate Driver

Where have all the coupés gone?

The reason I like the Integra Type R the best is for a few reasons. That interior is so clean and business like. The Civic is so busy and over done in comparison. 8900 rpm on a car anyone could own. You have to rev it out to truly enjoy it. Yes I wish it had another 70+ horsepower and torque but it is fun. The exterior is so clean and good looking. I used to joke about the Integra's flashlight face headlights, but it has aged well.

The Civic Type R is obviously quicker, better handling, etc but I can't get past the looks. Having said that it is an amazing fast car that has probably one of the best chassis in any car right now.

Does not matter how good the Honda is; when a car is too embarrassingly ugly to be seen in willingly, the nod must go to the really attractive Acura.
New Driver

ITR all day long.
The closest a new car is the GR86