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Hagerty Employee

Homebrew safari-style Z4 M Coupe straddles the line "between cool and dumb" | Hagerty Media

Max Fischer makes his living as a freelance camera operator for TV and film, so he's keenly aware of how to create something that looks pleasing to the eye. He also knows what will shock a viewer to attention.
New Driver

Well, unfortunately you can’t unsee it, so there is that. I did rush out to the garage to reassure my beloved 2016 Z4 s drive 35iS that it will never suffer a similar fate. All that said the project is well executed and to each his own. Happy motoring to you.
Advanced Driver

The light bar ruins it for me. A couple of old school K/C lights with the smiley face cover would be cool. Too many "Bruh!" guys with squat trucks and deafening exhaust systems (or lack of a system at all) ruins that light bar vibe, plus the guys that run light bars ON while driving, blinding everyone. But heck, great effort and skill to build, I couldn't do it!

“Something that sat on the line between really cool and really dumb.” I think the line is a distant memory. Hey, it is America— doing “dumb” stuff is allowed.

Certainly one thing to cut up one of those ugly things; but please don’t butcher that M3.
Pit Crew

Clever project. If it were a Porsche it would be viewed as totally cool.
Advanced Driver

Answering the eternal question "Why would somebody do that?"

Actually, no, it kind of doesn't.
Intermediate Driver

I think it's cool, and said the same on the Z4 forum that supposedly gave this guy a bad time. A lot of other folks said the same. If he can't take a few negative comments mixed in with the rest, maybe he has the problem -- not the folks on the forum. Or maybe he just feels the need to exaggerate. Makes the story a little better I guess.

The bottom line for me would be some video of the car in action on dirt. How about it Fischer?
Pit Crew

I see in the car the beauty that function over fashion can sometimes lend to make a vehicle spectacular. Ugly to some? Not all men like waif thin, long legged brunettes. I do. I like this car, too, but respect the views of others who may not.
Intermediate Driver

I see a lot of Local Motors' Rally Fighter in the combination of the tire carrier and greenhouse. I'm sure it gives the BMWCCA the vapors but I'm a BMW motorcycle guy and this is closer in spirit to an R100GS than that that X6 monstrosity