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Home-built, Boxster-powered Lotus 49 tribute is utterly bonkers

I am certifiably insane when it come to the projects I take on in a home garage, but while scrolling the pages of the internet, something made me stop and say "that guy, he is some kind of crazy." The build? A mashup of a pile of steel tubing and a Porsche Boxster, all in the style of a Lotus 49 Formula 1 car.


Read all about the build over on 

New Driver

I applaud the ingenuity and the motivation.  Unless the build is as fun as the drive for you, it would be easier, cheaper, and probably safer to buy an Ariel Atom.

New Driver

Any time you see something like this and think about how unsafe it is, remember that it's probably safer than the safest motorcycle. I would drive it. If I were going to own it long-term, I'd want to fix that roll-hoop, though.

New Driver

Hey!  Don't be hating on motorcycles.  We bike racers wear full leathers (some with air bags), full face helmets, gauntlet gloves, racing boots and back protectors.  We usually separate from our machines when the going gets bad, we're not strapped in for the ride.  It's rare for us to be in a fire too.  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Pit Crew

Having been involved in somewhat similar projects I applaud this guy. Only a huge level of motivation gets you this far. No doubt he will not stop. Dad's shop don't hurt either.

Pit Crew

Yes.  The roll hoop is a bit short.  But it also has a butt weld tight in the middle of bend which probably is not good for strength.  And it doesn't have turn signals (I loved the hand signal while making a right turn), and no door beams in case of a collision, nor any 5 mph bumpers, or a windshield, or a whole bunch of other nanny stuff.  Why do you throw shade on this man's work?  This is an example of how old time hot rodding was done and I am glad to have a chance to view it.  If you ask me, the real danger is driving this 36 inch high vehicle on public roads where all the texting and cannabis medicated drivers reside, not on the race track.

Intermediate Driver