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Hagerty Employee

High School Racing Association puts Wisconsin teens in stock cars

Ask any racer, series director, sanctioning body, or track operator to name the main issue discouraging youth participation in motorsports. Cost is the likely answer. For any kind of auto racing, the dollars multiply quickly when factoring in the vehicle, safety equipment, fuel, travel, and entry fees.
Advanced Driver

That's a great program. I'd have done less dumb dangerous (fun) crap if that had been a thing near my high school
Pit Crew

I love that this exists when it seems the barrier to entry is just getting higher in all other facets automotive. I wish them success and really hope this catches on with the youth. This is something I would have been all over at that age.

Hallelujah for this entire organization! Organized lo-buck motorsports are almost always better for the community AND spectators. Unless it's a typo, I don't know why rules would mandate tires older than 2019 but so what - it's easy to comply with.

Pit Crew

I confirmed with the HSRA that the pre-2019 tire rule was for cost reasons. Per Jonathan Eckelberg, the director: "A big part of that rule is cost. We don’t want racers in HSRA showing up with brand new tires. It’s an effort to keep it fair for everyone and a more even playing field."


Thanks for the research jimkwriter - now I'm surprised they're not specifying a maximum age. I'm nit-picking though, this is still a fantastic program.


Perhaps a future star will emerge in the footsteps of Dick Trickle, Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth and Alan Kulwicki out of the Wisconsin short track scene.
Intermediate Driver

Glad to see this is going on for the kids today. My friends and I did this in the late 70's when you could buy a V-8 sedan for $50, break out the glass and go racing at the local dirt track. I lost interest when we had to start doing hard safety stuff like installing seat belts in the 60's cars that did not have them from the factory. Good times.

Too bad it isn't open to any V-6 car regardless of it is "American" or not and FWD only as there are other platforms out there.. One could argue Accords and Camry's are pretty American, but I digress. Very cool to see an affordable type series out there

I have been pretty enthused since this started, being from Wisconsin. I hope it continues to thrive so that I can have my son enter when he is old enough.