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Hagerty Employee

Hidden for 35 years, $2M barn-find Porsche 550 Spyder heads to auction

Stop us if you've heard this one before: A rare Porsche 550 Spyder once owned and raced by a pioneering female driver has been discovered after a long hibernation and is expected to sell for millions.

So much for over-the-rainbow pots of gold...
What we all must wish for now is “The Barn Find”!
Advanced Driver

My new retirement plan...go Barning.

It's hard to imagine these Porsches running on 'donut' tires.

A wonderful car! But I have a different understanding of the term “barn find” — something like a serendipitous discovery of a car no-one knew existed, and which is not considered especially valuable or precious by the owner, if there even is an owner around who knows what it might be beyond “an old car”…. A classic pedigreed car kept in long-term storage in “a renowned collection” by owners who know what it is does not qualify, for me, as “a true barn find”.

Intermediate Driver

I agree, but still, what a find.
New Driver

So, question: How is this a “barn find”? To me, it must first be lost to be “a find.” According to the article, “it has remained…with renowned collector.” I doubt said Collector forgot about it. Most likely they said, “Now is a good time to trot out the old 550 and see if we can get a stellar price.” Oh, answered my own question - that wouldn’t sound quiet as appealing.

Should have 'found it' and put it up for sale in April/ May. Is the market for cars still going nuts? I don't think it's quite as active as it was. Same with housing and boats, the rabid sense of urgency has faded a bit.
Pit Crew

I'm with AG 1962. I find the term "Barn Find" is a misnomer, most of the time. As this cars' whereabouts have always been known. I take exception to the term "found", as if it had been lost. So it was stored in a barn. Lots of barn-stored cars have never been lost. There, my 2 cents added.

I am so tired of hearing the words "Barn Find". Over used and abused. Same goes for "epic", "one of a kind", "turn key"

I wonder why the carburetors were removed after the car’s last on-road appearance in the 80s? And, are they included as part of the sale?

Not sure about barn-find status but it is a very cool and important Porsche.
Pit Crew

So if the entire body and engine were replaced, is this still a 550? If so, what is left of the 550?
Pit Crew

just the allegorical name of "Porsche"....

The second paragraph states that the original body and engine were swapped out in the 1960's. I assume they have not been swapped back in. I don't see any beige in the interior, either. Is the value in the chassis, as everything else has been replaced? Does anyone know where the original body and engine went? They weren't changed because of damage and must have been of some value.
Pit Crew

How is this a 550? It looks like a 718 RSK 60. I think Hagerty as a media company would have an intern who could find the real story on this car. I doubt someone would just rebody a 550 as a 718 in 1959 to emulate the "new" race car. Frame rails are different. The auction house should consult the page where noted collector Jerry Seinfeld sold a 4 cam speedster and got sued because, well, it was not the real deal.

Any chance of Hagerty doing articles about a given car's raison d' etre, design, engineering

without mentioning money?  


Or celebrity/movie connection?


   Or without fact checking?


Meanwhile, the above posters are right.  Perhaps it's time to give "barn find" a rest, broaden your lexicon.

New Driver

Let’s see - replacement body, replacement engine, a barn find that was never lost…
Reminds me of the story about the farmer who still had his original hammer. He said “I’ve replaced the handle 5 times and the head twice but it’s my original hammer”.
But I wish it was found in my barn.
Intermediate Driver

Barn find? I WISH i could find a barn , if i ever start looking for one, and if i spot this eye sore anyone of you can have it for five hundred dollars.
Pit Crew

I want to know what happened to the original 4-cam engine...sounds like they swapped it out for a pushrod.....
New Driver

It was a 4 cam  that was replaced by another 4 cam (visible on picture 10)


Well, I guess some people are just lucky. I live in southeastern Ohio, and I've been around the agriculture and construction industries for most of my 77 years on this wonderful God's green earth. My guess is that I've been more barns here in Ohio and surrounding states than most reading this and I've never seen anything in those barns that approaches the high dollar vehicles that you keep talking about as "barn finds". My question is, where the hell are these freaking barns?
New Driver


Real barn finds don't usually come with the title and such thorough documentation attached.

"so not Original"
why the high 'Price Tag'

Kit Car
using OEM parts
New Driver

What happened to the original engine and body? Really nice car as is. I'd settle for a Carrera Speedster, something I could drive and not worry about it going missing. The Spyder would draw way too much attention on the street...

Here in California just finding a barn is a real accomplishment, let alone a barn with a car in it.

Several years ago, I decided that I "needed" a Porsche of my own; so, I gleaned the newspaper ads for used Porsches. One of my "finds" was a mid-fifties Carrera coupe. Ir was a 4-cam car with very strange disk brakes. The rotors were part of the drums and the calipers were "inside" the rotors, instead of wrapped around them. The car had an oil cooler in the front and was in pretty mint. The man running the storage facility offered me the car for $18,000, which was more than my budget allowed. I guess that I missed a pretty rare car. Wonder what it would be worth today...